Good at What You Do? Want Others to Know It?

Most people believe they see the world as it is. However, we really see the world as we are.

At Burgis Successful Solutions, we recognize that even the best performers can sometimes question whether it is time for a change, or need help to know how to deal with difficult situations, including people management which will ultimately enable executives and leaders to become even better.

In order for an organization to survive, let alone succeed, its executives must be true leaders who can create, share, and implement a vision for success. To be extraordinary as an organization, you need to develop a high-performing team.

“Extraordinary leaders…consistently achieve results that far exceed those of the good leaders.”

–John H. Zenger & Joseph Folkman

Neal Burgis provides one-to-one executive coaching and team coaching which supports our clients’ to increase business performance and create high performing teams. Neal’s easy-to-talk to style, combined with practical and powerful strategies, results in leaders being more focused and effective in enhancing your leadership for new roles and changing circumstances.

Extraordinary Leadership Leads to Extraordinary Results

Our coaching enhances the impact of leaders to increase their capacity to deal with unprecedented demands and challenges. Execute on ideas and produce measurable results. Put thoughts into action and experience extraordinary growth. Our programs are designed for executives and leaders who are looking to produce extraordinary results in them and their entire organization.

“Powerful combinations produce exponential results.”

John H. Zenger & Joseph Folkman

Together, let’s determine your particular needs, set appropriate goals and create a plan to achieve extraordinary results. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

At Burgis Successful Solutions, we offer tailored solutions to address your (client’s) specific needs around the challenges you (they) have. No one size fits all. Our focus is on helping you and your organization.

Are You Ready to Spark New Momentum in Your Business?

Creativity coaching reveals your path to sustain positive change and a new life story. By helping you generate and create ideas, we work together to overcome the fears of creativity which can include getting stuck and having difficulty coming up with ideas.

Our services have been customized to address the specific needs of executives at different levels within organizations of varying sizes. We do not use any cookie-cutter approach. We work together with you using design thinking to help get a different perspective to problem-solve.

We help small and mid-size businesses:

  • Capitalize on your creative strengths and bridge gaps
  • Embrace differing points of view
  • Acquire new ideas and turn them into action
  • Help employees Overcome the Fear of Creativity and Regain Creative Confidence
  • Communicate new ideas to your prospective clients and customers

“Creative Confidence is of two things of almost equal measure. The first is the natural human ability to come up with great ideas… The second is having the courage to act on your ideas.”  – Tom Kelley of IDEO

Burgis Successful Solutions offers the following services:

For Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals: Coaching Creativity and Innovation

We provide coaching for you with the understanding of the basics to generate ideas, create those ideas and produce those ideas into business breakthrough results. Included with this we help you effectively create the results you need before producing your final results.

Burgis Successful Solutions also helps you overcome barriers to your creative thinking. In addition, Neal works with executives to polish your professional presence in order to present your creative ideas to prospective clients for business relationships.

For Individuals: Coaching Creative Confidence

Does this resonate with you?

Have you ever been in a business meeting when you had an idea that could possibly solve the problem at hand? Before raising your hand or telling your idea, you decide to look around the landscape of the meeting and then look around at the culture of the organization you are part of only to decide not to say anything. You think to yourself, “If I raise my hand or say anything others will judge me.” The meeting ends and your idea fades away.

How many times has this happened for you? At Burgis Successful Solutions, we work with you to help you with the courage you need to act on your idea.

“Like a muscle, your creative abilities will grow and strengthen with practice.”  – Tom Kelley of IDEO

We help you generate, create and produce ideas for breakthrough results. On top of this, we help you Overcome Your Fear of Creativity and help you Regain Creative Confidence. Working through your barriers or what holds you back from being creative as well as to move you forward is done through various techniques where you feel good about what you create and innovate.

How We Work

Our first step is to get to know you and the problems you are facing. This is where our Free 30 Minute Complimentary Session starts. Begin by clarifying your goals and together we’ll create a plan to achieve them.

An On-site observation and strategic conversations with you and your employees help to understand the ability of becoming creative and letting go of previous ways of doing things.

Each session is 6o minutes with the exception of conducting any presentation on creativity.

Creativity is Big Business – Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Let’s start the conversation and see how we can work together. Contact us at or 602-405-2540.