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How far is it between where you are and where you could be?

Before we go any farther, let’s see if we are even a fit. If you are looking for someone to come in, conduct an analysis, and leave you with a report on what you should do, we are not the right group for you. Stop reading now – I don’t want to waste any more of your time.

If you are looking to re-awaken your creativity and take your organization along with you, we ARE the right group for you. We will roll up our sleeves, sit on the floor, and work collaboratively with you.

Imagine yourself as a child when you were creative, innovative, imaginative – and not afraid of any of these things. As you got older, you were told not to be different, not to have your own ideas and thoughts. Well, if you think your creative, innovative, imaginative thoughts are gone – they’re not!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Neal Burgis, founder of Burgis Successful Solutions. Why am I qualified to work with you? When I received my PhD in Clinical Psychology, my thesis focus was on shyness and introversion. I practiced psychology for 20 years, specializing in stress and anxiety. When I realized I wanted to expand this scope of clients past the psychology ‘couch,’ I became a Certified Executive Coach. From there progressing into the specialty of creativity was easy, fun, and just seemed perfectly logical and perfect for me. And Burgis Successful Solutions was born.

We will work together to…

  1. Identify your blocks, fears, stresses – what has changed since you were that child looking at the starts
  2. Make a plan for you to overcome the fear of creativity
  3. Work with you toward being/re-becoming a creative leader
  4. Have you create and produce creative solutions with your collaborative work team.
  5. Have you saying “Wow, wait, I CAN do that!”

Our focus is on you. You are the expert of your creative potential. We are experts at the process to help you clarify what you want, to identify the obstacles, what’s holding you back – to create a plan and make it actionable.

Let’s start the conversation with a Free 30-minute Discovery Conversation. Just a quick phone call or email will get you started toward finding the Extraordinary Breakthrough Results you need. Contact us at or 602-405-2540.