Good at What You Do? Want Others to Know It?

Most people believe they see the world as it is. However, we really see the world as we are.

At Burgis Successful Solutions, we recognize that even the best performers can sometimes question whether it is time for a change, or need help to know how to deal with difficult situations, including people management which will ultimately enable executives and leaders to become even better.

In order for an organization to survive, let alone succeed, its executives must be true leaders who can create, share, and implement a vision for success. To be extraordinary as an organization, you need to develop a high-performing team.

“Extraordinary leaders…consistently achieve results that far exceed those of the good leaders.”

–John H. Zenger & Joseph Folkman

Neal Burgis provides one-to-one executive coaching and team coaching which supports our clients’ to increase business performance and create high performing teams. Neal’s easy-to-talk to style, combined with practical and powerful strategies, results in leaders being more focused and effective in enhancing your leadership for new roles and changing circumstances.

Extraordinary Leadership Leads to Extraordinary Results

Our coaching enhances the impact of leaders to increase their capacity to deal with unprecedented demands and challenges. Execute on ideas and produce measurable results. Put thoughts into action and experience extraordinary growth. Our programs are designed for executives and leaders who are looking to produce extraordinary results in them and their entire organization.

“Powerful combinations produce exponential results.”

John H. Zenger & Joseph Folkman

Together, let’s determine your particular needs, set appropriate goals and create a plan to achieve extraordinary results. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

At Burgis Successful Solutions, we offer tailored solutions to address your (client’s) specific needs around the challenges you (they) have. No one size fits all. Our focus is on helping you and your organization.