How Everyday Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein-

Successfully tackling the ever-present issue of growing companies to help build breakthrough organizations, you need to focus on the ways that ordinary people work to create and produce extraordinary results.

Marshall Goldsmith challenges you by asking, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Whatever got you to reach the performance levels you have been getting will not help you reach the next level of where you want to go. The blind spots, flaws, weaknesses or even the habit that you had previously, needs to change in order to move you and your organization beyond your expectation.

Helping your employees to achieve extraordinary results takes a lot of time and effort. Many managers and supervisors do not want to do this. Most leaders just want the assigned work completed. How do you get your organization to achieve extraordinary results?

Explore the Dynamics of Your Breakthroughs

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”—Lao-tzu

The following factors help you and your organization to achieve extraordinary results. Be patient as they will not automatic take place. Just like with any habit, give each 21 days to be incorporated into your thinking and behaviors as long as you work on them on a daily basis.

Say Goodbye to Your Comfort Zone!
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Every decision, assignment and way of doing things will be both challenge and risk-taking. To be extraordinary, you need to get out of your every day routine and accept that you are going to do things different than you have done before.

Mindset Shift
Achieving extraordinary business results requires extraordinary ways of thinking.
Using your critical thinking skills inside and outside the-box both have their advantages. As long as you begin to look for the exceptional, remarkable, a different way of getting things done that make you use your critical thinking, you are on your way to become extraordinary
Transforming yourself, your team, and your organization to achieve extraordinary results is where your journey needs to go to if you want to thrive beyond survival mode.

Getting Buy-In
Your best leaders get great performances from their employees. Typically, your best leaders account for less than 25% of the total headcount, while the majority of leaders are underachieving.
Getting your employees to buy-in to the changes from ordinary to extraordinary, you need to understand, this is where new leadership style takes place. Empowering your employees and allowing them in-put to the changes, assigned projects and how to approach situations needs to have you let-go of things. Your employees pick-up on responsibilities that will make them use their critical things skills more, give them decision making skills and discuss issues with co-workers to reduce their challenges to get work completed.

Develop Your Skills
Bridging the gap between what you the leader want to achieve and the ability of your organization to deliver it has a lot to do with developing your employees and having them use the potential strength in their skills and talent.

Finally, being remarkable, exceptional, unconventional etc look at things from different perspectives. This is where you will find the extraordinary. Just like when most people take a photograph of a building. Most people take the picture just like everyone else- you need to look at it from different angles.

Provide your own blueprint of how you see your results. How different are they from the traditional and most importantly, what great results does it yield beyond where you would have been using the same old, same old approach.

How are you optimizing your capacity to achieve the extraordinary results you want?

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